Wolverhampton and District Model Engineering Society

Baggeridge Miniature Railway

Current Projects






Railway Extension

We recently completed an extension to the railway. The extended ground-level 7 1/4" and 5" gauge track gives a more varied ride for passengers and adds a challenge for drivers. The extension allows a circuit of some 677 metres. As well as track and points  the work included a vehicle crossing with lifting barrier. We opened this extension before the start of the 2024 running season. Our members have put many hours of hard work into making this possible.


Laying track at the start of the extension
A tain on the extension passes the workshop and leve crossing barrier
Track plan

Click on the picture below to see a simulation of a train running around the extended circuit


Project KEW.


A group of our Members have come together to build a steam locomotive for the club to use particularly on public running days. The locomotive is an 0-6-0 wheel base version of the well-known "Sweet William" design. The Project is named KEW after the late Keith Wilson, a former member of the Society. The Project is coming along well. Members with many different skills are helping with the manufacturing of the components needed and supplying basic materials. We are also coaching our members who have less knowledge or experience to help them learn and be able to be part of the project.



The Kew project with smokebox in place
The builders test the Kew project chassis on th track

Station Canopy


We have constructed a station canopy and added a railway-like valance. Rainwater collected from the roof is to feed a water tank at the station for steam locomotives.


View of the station canopy with passengers awaiting a train



Work continues on signalling. Two overhead gantries have already been erected. Signals on these serve to regulate train movements.


Trains pass under a signal gantry


Grounds maintenance


Gardening, grass cutting, hedging and fencing keeps us busy, particularly in the spring growing season. We endeavour to keep areas close to the tracks tidy whilst encouraging wilder parts elsewhere on site.


Mowing the grass beside the tacks
Panting the station fence
Weeding along the track side


Track Maintenance


We aim to check the track anually to ensure rails are secure. This usually means a program of replacing sleepers and rail fixings. Any problems found with the track are attended to as soon as practical to ensure the safety of our staff and their passengers.


Track gang replacing life expired sleepers


Engine shed extension


An extra bay has been added to the engine shed to allow storage of a complete train. This simplifies and speeds up getting our rolling stock and locomotives ready on running days.


work starts on making the engine shed longer
Extra bay added to the engine sed




After an enjoyable morning working to improve and develop the railway we relax with snap and a cup of tea in our mess room. If you become a member of the society tea and coffee are free!


And from time to time we enjoy ourselves running our own locomotives and traction engines etc.


Club members have models in diverse sizes. TheMamod tation egine was brought along by a new club member

Home Projects


Many of our members make and assemble stationary engines, aero engines, traction engines, steam rollers, boats, locomotives and a great variety of other creations. They often have home workshops but members also have access to our well equiped workshop. Help and advice is usually available from our skilled, experienced and knowledgeable members. When you hit a snag you can usually find someone who has solved similar problems in the past. 


The picture below shows a home built steam launch built by one of our members.


A home built steam launch.


This intricate beam engine was built by a late member of Wolverhampton and District model engineers.


Beam engine built by a late member